Sempre na minha mente e no coração...

Sempre na minha mente e no coração...
Corcovado ou Cristo Redentor, lindo !!!

sábado, 2 de julho de 2016

O Espelho de Gandhi... / The Gandhi mirror

The Gandhi mirror

They asked Mahatma Gandhi what are the factors that destroy human beings.
He replied:
Politics without principles; Pleasure without compromise; Wealth without work; Wisdom without character; business without morality; Science without humanity; Prayer without charity.
Life has taught me that the people are friendly, if I am kind,
that people are sad, if I'm sad,
all I want, if I want them,
all are bad, if I hate them,
there are smiling faces, if I smile them,
there is bitter faces, if I'm bitter,
the world is happy, if I'm happy,
that people get angry when I am angry,
people are grateful if I am grateful.
Life is like a mirror: if you smile at the mirror, he smiled back. The attitude I take toward life is the same as life will take before me.
"Who wants to be loved, love"

The way to happiness is not right.
There are curves called Misconceptions,
There semáfaros called FRIENDS,
caution lights called Family,
And all you can if you have:
A steppe called DECISION,
A powerful engine called LOVE,
A good insurance called FAITH,
abundant fuel called PATIENCE,
Above all a skilled driver called GOD.


Bom Dia!

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